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New Possibilities With Your Newsletter

Digital Progressive Newsletters are designed to adjust to any screen size with all popular browsers, smartphones, and tablets, all while providing you with regular updated content.

HOA newsletters offer numerous benefits. They help create a feeling of belonging among homeowners and a feeling of being in the loop as to what is happening in the community.

Our newsletters are easy to read and occasionally even fun and entertaining. Clickable features encourage their use instead of being tossed in the garbage can.

If you want your HOA newsletter to be a success, it needs to be more than just a page of text in a fairly ordinary format. It needs to be a Progressive Newsletter.

Depending on the size of your association, the Progressive Newsletter can enlighten your homeowners for the same cost or less than what you are paying now for a single-page black and white newsletter, which often ends up in the recycle bin.

Most management companies will put together a one or two page black and white newsletter for no charge to the association. They will even print it in color if you don't mind paying the extra cost for color. However, the expense of printing, postage, and even an envelope can amount to hundreds of dollars per newsletter, only to be casually tossed into the trash.

That's where we come in. For approximately the same cost or less per edition, your members can have our Progressive Newsletter, which can also provide links to the association website, dues payments, and other useful resources such as city and county sites and home repair vendors.

Our Progressive Newsletters can be accessed through an app for most smart phones. If installed, they can even work offline or with a bad connection. If the user allows notifications, they can receive a push notification when the newsletter has been updated.* Some folks prefer not to download apps, no worries, it isn’t necessary. It will still work by going to the site. They just won’t receive a notice when it is updated. We don’t use your residents’ email addresses, so junk mail, data breaches, or the dreaded reply all mishaps are non-existent.  If only the rest of life were so simple...

(*There are some limitations on older I-phone models )  

Our Features

Compare them to your one page Black and White newsletter.

Save the Trees

If all newsletters were like ours, think about the trees that could be saved.

Mobile Friendly

All our newsletters are mobile-friendly no special actions required. They can be installed on your smart phone as an app and, if allowed by the end user, have the ability to receive push notices when your newsletter has been updated.

Unique Styles

These newsletters are unique in that they have clickable links.  That kind of tech magic just doesn't work with traditional one page Black & White newsletters.

Unlimited Pages

Depending on your budget and proposed content, you can have as many pages as you like. 

Saved The Best For Last


Approximately the same cost, and often less than you are paying now for your one page Black & White newsletter that ends up in the trash.